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Pilates helps to improve whole body function, with a particular focus on your core strength, functional movement and posture.  It also helps to develop movement control, flexibility and balance. Pilates includes both standing and floor based exercises which is suited to all ages and abilities.


Yoga is a full physical workout that brings together the body and mind through the use of the breath. It comprises a series of poses together with breathing techniques and meditation. Yoga is for everyone as there are many variations and modifications to all the exercises, allowing it to calm the mind and strengthen the body. 

Tai Chi & Chi Gong

Tai Chi & Chi Gong are an ancient internal Chinese health system using slow, flowing movements and natural breathing techniques to promote health. The slow movements can be adapted to be suitable for all participants at all levels of physical ability. Although the movements are slow and gentle, they improve the key components of fitness; muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and the ability to control breathing patterns to reduce stress. 


Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Earthdance Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. More than just a workout, it is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your life – body, mind and soul.  The joy of Earthdance Nia is that your movements can be whatever feels good for you. There is no right or wrong, there is just joyful dance!

Eco NIDRA Meditation

EcoNIDRA is a deeply relaxing practice where Yoga Nidra meets forest bathing. Facilitators will work with a technique called Rotation of Consciousness and series of nature based visualisations and soundscapes to guide you on a meditation journey through your body and mind. Participants often say they feel more refreshed than a couple of hours sleep. 

It takes its roots from a Tibetan Nidra practice and gently blends the healing effects of forest bathing to create a transformational experience. 

Regular practice will deepen your connection with nature, and plant seeds of transformation into your subconscious mind supporting overall well being.

Beyond Birth Conditioning

Beyond Birth Conditioning is a class specifically designed for postnatal women, starting from 8-12 weeks postpartum (depending on the type of birth) and beyond. This class is tailored to support early postnatal well-being, allowing dedicated time to focus on your needs. The main focus of this class is to build strength within the pelvic floor and help you to feel stronger and more confident in your body after childbirth. 

The atmosphere of the class is calm, collected, and surrounded by supportive peers. The supportive environment of like-minded individuals striving towards similar goals creates a positive atmosphere for postpartum recovery. The class incorporates foundational breathing exercises, key movements to develop pelvic floor and core strength, and postural base exercises. Participants will learn how to self-check for diastasis recti, perform a connection breath, and regain key movements to enhance their confidence and capabilities. The specific goals of the class include finding strength within your transformed bodies, understanding new capabilities, and becoming the strongest version of yourselves, postnatal and beyond. 

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Fitness Pods

Our fitness pods are the ultimate workout space where you can focus on your own fitness routine in the privacy and comfort of a designated pod. With a range of equipment tailored to promote the latest in sustainable fitness training, our pods will keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Spa Pods

Our spa pods offer the ultimate relaxation space for you to unwind in peace and find your way to enhance your health. We will offer a wide range of therapies and classes aimed at improving your mental and physical health.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes offer everything for a full body workout. We have several classes offering a combination of resistance training and pulse-raising exercises. We can cater for everyone with options available to suit all abilities.

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