Fitness Classes

Burn & Build

Burn & Build is a circuits based class with a particular focus on strength using some resistance equipment and also incorporating cardio based exercises too; improving your cardiovascular, muscular and bone health.

Body Blast

Body Blast is a circuits based class with a particular focus on improving your cardiovascular health. A heart rate raising class with a great variety of exercises ready to give yourself a full body workout.

Be Well Barn Site
Be Well Barn Site

Barn Spin

Barn Spin is an indoor cycling spinning class providing a high intensity cardio workout. Suitable for all abilities.

Barn Spin LITE is a gentler version of our Barn Spin class. Suitable for those who are beginners, those returning from injury or those who simply want an easier exercise session.

Be Well Tone

Be Well Tone is a low impact, full body conditioning class. An all-round excellent workout for toning up your body. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Be Well HIIT

Be Well HIITHigh Intensity Interval Training using mainly your body weight is a high impact class working on getting your heart rate up, building strength and agility using short bursts of high intensity exercises.

Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics is a classic fun exercise class to music using a step to add in that challenge for your exercise session. Suitable for all abilities.

Be Well Barn Site
Be Well Barn Site

Core & Stretch

Core & Stretch is a class focused on your core abdominals and giving those muscles a well-deserved stretch out after a good workout or simply after a busy day. Low impact class suitable for all abilities.

Barn Strength

Barn Strength is a strength based class using a variety of equipment to add that key resistance to your training. Improving your strength has so many health benefits such as improving muscle strength and tone, increasing bone density and strength to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and improving joint mobility and balance. Suitable for all ages and abilities as the amount of resistance is tailored to you.

Barn Strength LITE is a gentler version of our Barn Strength class using a variety of light equipment to add that key resistance to your training.

Kintsugi Fitness

Kintsugi Fitness is designed to be autonomous, which means you work within your own self. Using positive mantras and techniques to guide you through a variety of full body fitness workouts to various genres of music, building strength, agility and cardio fitness. 

Empowered Strength

Empowered Strength is a class specifically designed for women who want to build confidence in foundational movement patterns and enhance their strength and fitness levels. The class focuses on proper technique and positioning right from the beginning to prevent discomfort or potential injuries as you progress. Suitable for women of all fitness levels, the class has a positive, inviting, and vibrant atmosphere, meaning women feel empowered and motivated. You can expect to feel stronger and to improve your range of movement and mobility.

Be Well Barn Site

Don’t miss…

Fitness Pods

Our fitness pods are the ultimate workout space where you can focus on your own fitness routine in the privacy and comfort of a designated pod. With a range of equipment tailored to promote the latest in sustainable fitness training, our pods will keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Spa Pods

Our spa pods offer the ultimate relaxation space for you to unwind in peace and find your way to enhance your health. We will offer a wide range of therapies and classes aimed at improving your mental and physical health.

Wellness Classes

Improve the body and soul with our range of wellness classes. Specifically designed to suit all ages and abilities we can adapt exercises to suit all needs. 

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